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Food Out Front is committed to supporting the movement of transforming lawns into biodiverse food gardens while fostering educational initiatives respectfully rooted in traditional land practices to empower schools and neighbourhoods to embrace sustainable and culturally rich local food systems.

The Food Out Front (FOF) project is an initiative by Skeena Heartbeat Society (SHS).

The project is collaboratively led by local expert gardeners, Angela Burton and Diana Wood and Denise Gagnon, the Executive Director of Skeena Heartbeat Society. We all play key roles in guiding and implementing the FOF project.

Drawing from our combined experiences in outdoor school classes, linking seniors with regional food sources, co-facilitating food security events and forums, and actively advocating for local food, and recognizing the need to plant and take action, we were inspired to launch the Food Out Front project in 2023.

We embrace the vision of creating a community abundant with nourishing local food to meet the urgent demand for nutrient-rich options and counter the challenges posed by continually escalating food prices.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or have questions about gardening our free onsite consultation can help.

Led by passionate volunteers, this service is designed to address your specific needs.

Our team is ready to provide hands-on assistance, share valuable insights, and make your gardening journey enjoyable and rewarding.

Let's work together to turn your gardening aspirations into a thriving reality!

4 simple steps to work with FOF! 

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2024 Garden Consultation Application Form

please email us if you have any questions:

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