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Terrace Kitimat Stikine Wellbeing Research Project

UBC and SHS are engaging with the Terrace-Kitimat-Stikine Residents through a multi-phase “action research” project.

This project depends on community voices in setting the project agenda.

We believe and are committed to doing the work

with the people benefiting from the project.

(i.e. local people who are experts on their own well-being).

Action research is a cyclic process that uses 4 phases; define the problem, act, observe the changes, reflect together; to produce a specific transformative outcome e.g. policy change.

Each phase of this cyclic process gets fed back to the community (this is the reflection and redefine problem phase) for continued refinement in conversation and action. The goal is to produce tangible, positive, transformative systems change.

Our project is only just beginning. We are at phase one of the project: this is setting the agenda for what Terrace residents believe is the best way to create well-being in their community.


Action Research Image_edited.png

We understand that Terrace and Area community has had many conversations up until this point about what is working well and what needs to change.


We want to move the conversation forward from ideas to solutions. 


This action research process is “mining for solutions” from the community about optimal well-being. The information that you offer for this research project will be used by the Project Leads and UBC to advocate for change to government with the community.


We will appropriately credit solutions that the community creates. Terrace Kitimat Stikine Project Leads and the UBC team are partnered with the community and positioned as supporters of the local action already taking place. 


Where appropriate and feasible we will partner with powers within the community to create the solutions that the community has dreamt for, with, and by the community.

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